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Book Cell

Book Cell

Directly at the Zellertalweg, more precisely directly at the Kleinmühle, there is a red telephone booth. But what is a red telephone booth doing surrounded by flowers, trees and meadows?

This is not a "normal" telephone box, but a book cell. Book boxes are discarded telephone booths in which you can find a colorful collection of books. Novels, children's books, non-fiction, cookbooks and many more are waiting to be read. The books are rarely new, many of the books have already passed through several hands. The book cell is not filled by a librarian, but by many different people with different tastes. Everybody has the possibility to put his read book in the book cell and/or to take a "new" one.

The book cell was set up by the Vogt family in 2013. "Flown in" from Frankenthal, it was lovingly restored by Heike and Udo Vogt and has since served as a swap meet for a variety of books.

Feel free to visit the book cell at Kleinmühle, you might find a book or meet someone to chat. The book cell is definitely worth a stop.

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