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Uhl's house

Exterior view of the Uhl'sche Haus

The museum, which reopened in 2015 after extensive renovation, offers its visitors exciting insights into the history and life of the people of Göllheim on two floors and around 300 square metres of exhibition space. The representative residential house was built in 1898 by the married couple Wilhelm and Babette Uhl and sold to the municipality after their death in 1932. Since 1979 it has housed the local history museum.

The former reception room of the Uhl family on the ground floor has been used as a wedding room since 2016. With its original wood panelling and colourful ceiling paintings, the room provides the perfect ambience for wedding ceremonies and other events.
In addition, small celebrations or drinks after the wedding ceremony can be held in the adjacent café.

Here you can find the website of the Museum Uhl'sches Haus.Museum Uhl'sches Haus

Main street 7 - 67307 Göllheim

Opening hours:
Tuesday and Thursday 14:30 to 16 h
Sunday 14 to 17 h,
and by appointment.