Aerial view of Göllheim, in the background the Donnersberg mountain

Development plans

Development plans

Development plans

Urban land use planning is a planning tool for guiding and ordering the urban development of a municipality. It is carried out in two stages in a formal procedure that is comprehensively regulated in the Building Code (BauGB). First, in the preparatory urban land use planning, a land use plan is drawn up for the entire municipality (§§ 5 - 7 BauGB). In the binding urban land use planning, development plans are then drawn up for spatial sub-areas of the municipality (§§ 8 - 10 BauGB).
The municipalities are responsible for drawing up the urban land use plans. They are subject to the legal supervision of the higher administrative authorities and the judiciary's control of standards.

The land use plan

The land use plan is a preparatory urban land use plan drawn up by the municipality. It contains the urban development uses intended by the planning municipality or local community and differentiated for the individual areas, such as residential development areas, commercial development areas, traffic areas, utility areas, areas for public use, green areas, forest areas and agricultural areas. The land use plan is binding on the authorities and does not develop any direct external effect.


A development plan is a binding land-use plan that regulates development in a specific area. Whereas the land use plan only contains binding representations of the basic principles of land use, the provisions of a development plan regulate the structural and other use of land in detail and in a generally binding manner. As a rule, the development plan is to be developed from the land use plan.

According to the principles laid down in the German Federal Building Code (BauGB), urban land use plans should also contribute to ensuring an environment worthy of human beings and to protecting and developing the natural foundations of life. Therefore, urban land use planning is usually accompanied by landscape planning for nature conservation and regularly includes a separate environmental report.

On the following pages, you will find an overview of all legally binding land-use plans of the respective municipalities as well as the legally binding land-use plan of the municipality of Göllheim.