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Accessibility statement

Our website should be usable for all citizens. Here you will find information on the operation and structure of our website.

The municipality of Göllheim strives to make its website accessible without barriers. We are guided by the requirements of the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance - BITV 2.0 and the national legislation implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Enforcement procedure: Article 7 Directive 2016/2102 and Implementing Decision 2018/1523.

Work on the implementation of accessible content and the accessibility statement is ongoing.

This declaration applies to the Internet pages at

Our web pages offer the following options:

Text size

You can enlarge the text with the CTRL and + keys (on the far right of the number field). The image adjusts automatically. CTRL and - make the text smaller again.

Read aloud

With read aloud programs you can have the contents of our site read to you. The pages are structured so that you find the most important information at the beginning. Images and graphics are provided with ALT texts.

Navigate without mouse

You can operate our menu not only with the mouse, but also with the Tab key. Each click of the Tab key takes you one step further in the navigation. When you reach the page you want to go to, press Enter. To scroll, please use the arrow keys.

Breadcrumb navigation

In addition to the menu, you can also orient yourself on each page via the so-called "breadcrumbs" (German: Brotkrumbs). You will find this navigation below the big picture. There you can jump back to other, higher-level pages.

Easy language

Here we explain in plain language the structure of our internet pages.

The web pages themselves are not translated into easy language.

Which areas are not barrier-free?

  • PDF documents
  • Video files
  • Sign language videos are not available

Unfortunately, not all elements on our Internet pages can be designed to be completely barrier-free. We understand accessibility as an ongoing process and will continue to adapt our internet offerings in the future. You are welcome to report barriers to us at any time.

Missing alternative texts / subtitles
Not all images and graphics, audio files and videos have an alternative text or subtitle. We are trying to work on missing alternatives to already published content and to offer an alternative for new content. This is an ongoing process. In the case of image elements, informative content has priority over purely decorative content, which often does not receive an alternative text. Video files are usually published via the YouTube platform, which offers automatically generated subtitles.

We are not able to provide sufficient contrast of texts and backgrounds in all places of our website.

Limited usability without colors
The usability of our pages in black and white / gray shades is also limited in some places.

Limited enlargement options
The view of our web pages can be enlarged using the CTRL and + keys, which results in text and image enlargement. However, it is not possible to enlarge line spacing independently of this. In some cases, a strong display enlargement can also lead to content overlaps.

Link texts
We try to display link texts as meaningful as possible. However, this is not always possible.

Keyboard operation
The sequence of keyboard operation is not always conclusive and sometimes visually impossible to follow.

pdf files
Our range of directly fillable pdf files (such as application forms, etc.) is not completely barrier-free. When selecting a field to be filled in, an alternative text is not always stored and operation via the tab key does not always lead to all fields to be filled in.

Report barrier

Please contact us if you encounter further restrictions in the accessibility of our Internet pages! We are grateful for every hint and constantly strive to make our online presence more barrier-free.
If you have any suggestions for improving our web pages, please contact the contact person (right side).

Feedback & Contact

If you encounter any barriers, please contact us.

We are continuously working to make our website as accessible as possible.

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Here you can find information in plain language