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Steffen Antweiler



Welcome to our homepage

Together with my local mayor colleagues, I am pleased about your "virtual visit" to our 15 communities and districts very close to the Donnersberg - where the Palatinate is at its highest.

Find out about everything that makes our association municipality so interesting. The employees of the administration of the association municipality are anxious to continuously improve the information value about the public and private institutions, about associations, trade and economy as well as our service for you.
We would be especially pleased if you would take advantage of the numerous opportunities offered by our local festivals and other events to pay a personal visit to the municipality or even to settle down permanently in one of our lovely and livable communities.

Warmly welcome to our Homepage

Together with my local village mayor colleagues and all the clerks and officers of the council I am glad to welcome you on your virtual visit to Göllheim and its 14 surrounding villages which lie at the foot of the Donnersberg, the highest point in the Palatina.

You can get information on all the interesting features our region has to offer. It's a pleasure for us to give you information on public and private institutions, clubs, trade and economy. We are concerned to improve our service for you continually!
We will be very pleased if you visit our region, our numerous festivals and other events we have to offer throughout the year. Maybe after a visit to one of our charming villages you will even be tempted to settle down here!

Salut et bienvenu de sur la page d'accueil de la commune des associations de Göllheim!

Me fait plaisir ensemble avec mes collègues des maires de lieu et-collègues virtuel où visite le de nos 15 communes et de nos 15 quartiers est entièrement le Palatinat au plus haut à proximité de la montagne de tonnerre là-bas.

Vous informent il sur tout ce que notre commune des associations fait si d'une manière intéressante. Pour vous, améliorer continuellement forcé, la valeur d'information sur les installations publiques et privées sur des associations, commerce, et de l'économie ainsi que notre service est l'équipe de l'administration de la commune de l'association.

Notre joie serait particulièrement grande si l'on utilisait les nombreuses occasions de nos fêtes natales et aussi les autres manifestations la commune des associations personnelle unissent vraiment définitivement rendre un visite ou il dans un le nôtre valeurs d'aimer et vie de communes de lieu installer.


(Steffen Antweiler)

Mayor of the municipality Steffen Antweiler

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