Adolf-von-Nassau hiking trail

Discover history on the paths of kings

The Adolf von Nassau Trail is an award-winning trail that was dedicated on November 9, 2018, after more than two years of planning and implementation.

Signpost Adolf-von-Nassau hiking trail

The hiking trail along forest, farmland and meadows was awarded the quality trail 'wanderbares Deutschland - taumtour' by the German Hiking Association. Adolf von Nassau, who gave the trail its name, was born around 1250. In 1292, the clever and brave count was crowned regent in Aachen. Only six years later, the discontented German electors proclaimed Albrecht of Habsburg as the new king. The real decision for the crown was made in 1298 on the battlefield at Göllheim. The 17 km long hiking trail starts at the King's Cross in Göllheim.

You can find more information about the hiking trail in the flyer: Flyer Adolf von Nassau Hiking Trail