Aerial view Weitersweiler

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Coat of arms of the municipality Weitersweiler

Mayor: Thomas Busch

Weitersweiler, picturesquely embedded in a hollow of the Kaiserstraße depression, is the only village of the municipality with more than 510 inhabitants north of the L 401 and the A 63.

The Häferbach, which flows windingly through the landscape, separates the village into two parts, which in the past belonged to different lordships. Even though the fertile, almost flat plateaus and valleys near Weitersweiler, as in the other villages of the Kaiserstraße Valley and the Göllheim Hills, are intensively used for agriculture, one can still find extensive orchards here.

As in Dreisen, the Westpfalz hiking trail as well as two Pfälzerwaldverein hiking trails (Glanbrücken to Wachenheim/Wstr. and long-distance hiking trail Saar-Rhein-Main from Homburg/ Saar to Wörth/Main) lead through the village and district of Weitersweiler.

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