Aerial view of Göllheim, in the background the Donnersberg mountain

Modernization/repair measures

Redevelopment pays off!

Owner Information:

At present, formally defined redevelopment areas are designated in the local communities of the Göllheim municipality (except for the local community of Göllheim) by means of redevelopment statutes.

The public announcements of the redevelopment statutes with the site plans of the individual local communities are made in the official gazette of the Göllheim association municipality.
(The issues can also be found online: Issue numbers 23/2022, 25/2022 and 26/2022).

Building owners in the redevelopment areas of the individual local communities (except for the local community of Göllheim) have the option of claiming increased tax deductions for modernization and repair measures from the tax office in accordance with
§7 h Income Tax Act (EStG).

Here you will find the most important information:

Interested owners of buildings in a redevelopment area of the local municipalities of the association municipality Göllheim (except local municipality Göllheim) are asked to contact the association municipality administration Göllheim, FB 2, Mrs. Lehrmoser, Tel.Nr. 06351/4909-43 or by e-mail under:, for the first contact and to clarify the procedure.


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