Broadband supply

DSL broadband supply

High-speed Internet for the municipality of Göllheim

Since August 2012, the entire Göllheim district has had fast Internet access
Each of our 13 local communities therefore has the option of being connected to the fast fiber-optic network of the Saarland telecommunications company inexio. Citizens can then surf the net with bandwidths of at least 30 up to 100 Mbit/s if they wish.

The municipality has created the necessary empty pipe infrastructure. The costs for this amount to around €700,000, with funding of €555,750 from the GAK expansion program.

Information on the network provider QUiX Breitband GmbH is available at or by calling the service hotline at 0800/7849375.

Course of teaching tube trasser out of town:

Map of the course of the pipe out of town