The richly decorated tiled stove

Museum Uhl'sches Haus Göllheim

Museum Uhl' sches Haus Göllheim

Everything about people and history in Göllheim can be seen in the Uhl'schen Haus. The first major topic is the Uhl family itself: Wilhelm and Babette Uhl built the representative residential house at Hauptstraße 7 in 1898. The mansard-roofed building in the style of the Gründerzeit shows a richly decorated facade. Inside, leather-like embossed wallpaper, ceiling paintings, Art Nouveau windows and faience tiled stoves bear witness to the upper middle-class living culture of the Uhl family.

Wilhelm Uhl was a burgomaster of Göllheim for 16 years. After the death of the couple, the house was sold to the municipality. Since 1979 it has housed the local history museum, and a few years ago the Uhl'sche Haus was refreshed with a new concept.

The second major theme: outside the gates of Göllheim, the Battle of Hasenbühl took place in 1298 as the last knightly battle on German soil. In the battle for the crown, the German king Adolf of Nassau lost his life to his adversary Albrecht of Habsburg. A large diorama with numerous painted pewter figures and an audio station allow everyone to witness the warlike action. Young visitors can experience what it is like to be a knight when they equip themselves with helmet and sword. The exhibition on archaeology around Göllheim goes even further back in history. It shows how the first inhabitants of Göllheim lived around 7500 years ago, what traces the Romans left behind and what the Merovingians put in the graves of their dead.

Detail of an art nouveau window
Detail of an art nouveau window

The geology in Göllheim and Dyckerhoff cement are connected. On the Dachsberg near Göllheim, the Dyckerhoff company mined lime marl for cement production for decades. Today, a geopark has been created there. The exhibition tells of the Göllheim lagoon, of the lime snail of the Tertiary period and of cement as a successful building material with a history. It is good to know that Dyckerhoff supplied 8000 barrels of Portland cement for the construction of the Statue of Liberty in New York, which was inaugurated in 1886.

The richly decorated tiled stove
The richly decorated tiled stove

The fifth exhibition area fits into the upper-class ambience of the Uhl'sches Haus: the fascination of dolls. The Uhl House offers many historical testimonies, listening stations, documentary films and projects to touch and try out, as well as a café. You can also get married on the first floor: The former reception room of the Uhl family prepares a festive ambience with its wood paneling and ceiling paintings.

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