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Building applications


Before plans are made as to how a property is to be developed, it should be clarified whether a development plan exists for the property and, if so, which stipulations are made in this development plan. If there is no development plan for the property, the permissibility of building projects is governed by § 34 of the German Building Code (BauGB) (so-called unplanned inner area) or § 35 BauGB (so-called outer area).


The construction, alteration, change of use and demolition of structural installations (e.g. buildings) require planning permission. However, this only applies insofar as the Rhineland-Palatinate building regulations do not stipulate otherwise, such as in the catalogue of projects that do not require a building permit, in the exemption procedure and projects that are not subject to building supervision.

A building permit is to be issued if the project does not conflict with any building regulations or other regulations under public law. The application for a building permit (building application) must be submitted in writing to the municipal administration or the municipal association administration.

The building documents that must be submitted with the building application are specified in particular in the state ordinance on building documents and the technical building inspection. The building application and the building documents must be signed by the building owner and the author of the design, who are authorised to submit building documents.

The period of validity of the building permit is four years. This period may be extended upon written application. The application must be received before the expiry date.


Fees are incurred for the granting of planning permission, the amount of which is essentially determined by the type of project approved. These fees are charged in accordance with the State Ordinance on Fees and Remuneration for Official Acts and Services under the Building Code (Special List of Fees).





A building application must be submitted in writing to the Göllheim municipal administration.
Required documents for a building application are:

  • Building application form
  • an official cadastral plan
  • Calculation of the enclosed space
  • Calculation of usable and living space
  • Verification of the base area ratio (GRZ)
  • Verification of the floor area ratio (GFZ)
  • Proof of full storey
  • Building specification
  • Construction drawings i.e. floor plans, elevations and sections
  • Proof of distance
  • Proof of parking space
  • Deviation / exemption application (for deviations from the development plan or state building regulations)
  • Drainage application (connection to the sewer system)
  • statistical survey form

additionally for conversion, extension and expansion:

  • Inventory plans

The documents for a building application are to be submitted in triplicate, for commercial projects the documents are to be submitted in quadruplicate to the municipality of Göllheim.

For building areas with a qualified development plan, building projects donotrequirea building permit, provided that construction is carried out in accordance with the development plan and the development is secured. The building documents must nevertheless be submittedto the Göllheim municipal administration, in the above-mentioned number of copies.

The builder has no choice as to whether his building project is treated as a building application procedure, a simplified procedure or an exemption procedure.

Construction documents must always be signed by an authorised person (architect or civil engineer). The documents to be submitted can be found in the Building Document Inspection Ordinance.


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