Aerial view of Göllheim, in the background the Donnersberg mountain


Available building plots in Ottersheim

New development area "An der Griesmühle, Amendment I

Building plots Ottersheim

Property, Flurst.-Nr. 11/35, size 578 m², house number 7
Property, Flurst.-Nr. 11/36, size 462 m², house number 9
Property, Flurst.-Nr. 11/38, size 632 m², house number 10
Property, Flurst.-No. 11/37, size 463 m², house number 11
Property, Flurst.-Nr. 11/39, size 468 m², house number 12
Property, Flurst.-Nr. 11/40, size 407 m², house number 14

The current price per square meter of building land (fully developed) is currently € 300.00.

The development is based exclusively on the specifications of the legally valid development plan for the building area. Deviations and exemptions from the development plan are excluded.


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