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Preliminary building application

Preliminary building application

Preliminary building application

It is also possible to submit a preliminary building application. Here, a description of the project including a sketch and an official site plan are required. The more precise and detailed the building project can already be presented here, the sooner the approval authority can make a statement on a later approvability. The preliminary building application is especially recommended if the builder wants to have the legal certainty that the planned project is approvable, because a formal decision will be issued. Building law does not arise here yet, a building application is nevertheless necessary. These documents must be submitted in triplicate to the municipality of Göllheim.


Before submitting a building application, a written decision on individual questions of the building project (preliminary building decision) can be requested with a preliminary building application. As an anticipated part of the building permit, a positive preliminary building decision is binding for the subsequent building permit procedure.

A preliminary building inquiry is usually useful if it is unclear whether a property can be built on at all according to the applicable building planning law. A preliminary building inquiry can save financial expenses, since not all the building documents required for a building permit are necessary. In addition, the preliminary building permit provides certainty about the buildability of a property at an early stage.

The application for a preliminary building permit must be submitted in writing to the municipal administration or the municipal association administration. It must be accompanied by the documents required to assess the issues to be decided.

The preliminary building permit is valid for four years, unless it is limited to a shorter period. This period may be extended upon written request, which must be received before the deadline expires.


Fees are charged for the preliminary building permit in accordance with the State Ordinance on Fees and Remuneration for Official Acts and Services under the Building Code (Special List of Fees).