Aerial view Standenbühl

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Coat of arms of the municipality Standenbühl

Mayor: Georg Pohlmann, telephone 06357/5482

The small village of Standenbühl, situated in the Kaiserstraße Valley, has about 200 inhabitants. Since time immemorial, the typical street village has been a transit station between Kaiserslautern and Mainz, which led not least to the connection to Napoléon's imperial road built in 1807-11, today's L401. Only in recent years has the community experienced relief from through traffic thanks to the new A 63 motorway.

Among equestrian sports enthusiasts in Rhineland-Palatinate, the still strongly agricultural town is considered the centre of equestrian sports: In addition to the active Zellertal-Donnersberger Riding and Driving Club, the Rhineland-Palatinate-Saar Horse Center is also located in Standenbühl, which is dedicated to the breeding, training and marketing of sport and leisure horses. Tournaments, even state championships, are held regularly in Standenbühl, attracting riders from all over southwest Germany to the community. From the riding facilities of the club and the horse centre, bridle paths lead through the districts of Standenbühl, Dreisen and Göllheim.

Besides riders, also hikers will find good conditions on two hiking trails of the Palatinate Forest Association (leading from Staudernheim/Nahe to Alsace and from Kirchheimbolanden to Pirmasens).

View of the old school in Standenbühl