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Equality Office

Equality Office

Equality Office

"Men and women are equal" (Art. 3 para. 2 Basic Law)

Why have an equal opportunity commissioner anyway?

  • Women are significantly underrepresented in decision-making positions, whether in business or politics
  • Women are more affected by unemployment than men
  • On average, women receive less pension than men
  • Women still bear the main burden of housework, raising children and caring for the elderly or sick, without adequate social recognition
  • Women often lack the ability to reconcile their careers with the family responsibilities assigned to them
  • Women are again and again victims of mental, physical and sexual violence

Everyday life for women is still a long way from theoretical, legal equality.

Call us if you as a woman want to complain about disadvantages, if you are looking for support in enforcing your rights, if you need information, if you want to give suggestions for improving the situation of women in the municipality of Göllheim.

Objectives and activities of the Equal Opportunities Officer:

The Equal Opportunities Officer has the task of helping to implement the constitutional requirement of equality in everyday life.

The Equal Opportunities Officer is the contact point for women with suggestions, questions and complaints, identifies existing deficits in the equality of women in the municipality, develops proposals for improving the situation of women and girls and initiates concrete projects for this purpose, cooperates with women and women's groups, associations and trade unions, etc., conducts public relations work.

According to UN studies, half of the world's population consists of women. They make up one third of the workforce, but work two thirds of the hours. Yet they earn only one-tenth of the world's income and own not even one percent of the earth's wealth.

Equal Opportunity Officer Susanne Nicklaus:

The office of the Equal Opportunity Officer can be reached by appointment by phone or by scheduling an appointment online.

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