Aerial view of Göllheim, in the background the Donnersberg mountain


Local heavy rainfall and precautionary concepts of the local communities

Hail, storms and heavy rain have increasingly dominated weather patterns in recent years and kept people on their toes. Reports of localized flash floods and floods with catastrophic effects are piling up in the media. After very short, intense rainfalls, the water seems to come from everywhere, from the sky, from the sewage system, from fields, meadows and paths. The local communities of the Göllheim municipality were also not spared from such events.

In a project funded by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, the municipality of Göllheim examined the flood and heavy rain situation in the individual local communities.

The result is the local heavy rain and flood preparedness concepts, which is a handout for the association municipality, the local communities and their citizens to better assess the local risk during floods and heavy rain in the future. It is intended to show options for action for each individual, the fire department, the municipality and the state in order to be better prepared for such events.

At the same time, it serves to keep those affected and involved aware that flood and heavy rain events can recur. Likewise, it must be made clear again and again that flash floods happen at any time in any place and that the best precautionary measures can only have a limited protective effect.

Heavy rain and floods cannot be planned!

There is no such thing as one hundred percent protection!

But you can prepare, every individual is challenged!