Aerial view of Göllheim, the Donnersberg in the background

Information on the funding programme

Information on the funding programme

Information on the funding programme

Inclusion of Göllheim in the urban development programme of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate

As already reported several times in the local press, the municipality of Göllheim was included in the urban development support programme "Stadtumbau" (urban redevelopment) by the Ministry of the Interior and Sport of Rhineland-Palatinate by decision of 10.07.2017 from 2017.

This is a funding instrument that can be used to develop inner-city areas with a particular need for urban and economic renewal.

After the local community was able to implement numerous public measures through a redevelopment programme a few years ago, the main focus is now on promoting private redevelopment measures. The goal is to have created the conditions for private individuals to receive subsidies for redevelopments in the future redevelopment area by the end of 2019. The prerequisites for this will be created in the coming months and the criteria and funding levels will be worked out. We will provide information on how to apply for the grants in due course in the Gazette as well as on this website. In addition to possible subsidies, builders of corresponding measures in this area will then have tax write-off possibilities.

Draft of the preparatory studies for the urban renewal measure
"Stadtumbau Ortskern Göllheim" of the municipality of Göllheim (documents 2018)

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