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Building plots

Building plots

Building plots

Here you can get an overview and information about the residential and commercial plots in the individual local communities and reserve building plots.

For information on which buildings you are allowed to erect in the building areas, please refer to the relevant development plans. Click here for the development plans.


The costs for the initial construction of the development facilities and the costs of the house sewer connection located on the properties for sale are already included in the respective property costs. The construction areas are developed with a construction road. After 80 percent of the building area has been built on, the final construction of the development road will take place. Further information about the supply of the building areas can be obtained from the respective utility companies. Click here for an overview of the utility companies and here for further information on DSL broadband supply in the municipality of Göllheim.


The standard land value is the average site value of the land (EUR/m²) for a number of plots of land (standard land value zone) for which the usage and value conditions are essentially the same. Deviations of an individual property from the standard value property with regard to characteristics - such as development status, special location, type and extent of building use, type of agricultural use, soil condition, property shape, etc. - generally result in corresponding deviations of its land value. - generally result in corresponding deviations of its value from the standard land value. In individual cases, these deviations can only be taken into account by determining the market value of the property in question.

In Rhineland-Palatinate, the standard land values for building land and land used for agriculture and forestry are determined and published every two years by the committee of experts for land values on the basis of the collection of purchase prices as of 01/01. Click here for the current standard land values.


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