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Hiking where fine wines grow and culinary delights await. The circular hiking trail offers grandiose views of the land between the Donnersberg and the Rhine as well as plump nature. The Zellertal has a clear structure due to the small river Pfrimm in the valley bottom and the vineyards in the eastern part of the valley. On the high trail, the views predominate. The Pfrimmweg runs mostly in the valley, along the Pfrimm. The Zellertal combines two wine-growing areas, both Palatinate and Rheinhessen wines are grown here. Hiking in the Zellertal - the insider tip, a successful mixture of nature, culture and pleasure.

The circular trail has a total length of 45 km. Of course, the trail can also be hiked in different stages, i.e. with cross connections between 5 and 8 km. In all municipalities of the Zellertal there is the possibility to start the hike.

You can find more information about the trail in the flyer: Flyer Zellertalweg

All paths at a glance:

Hiking diary of Manuel Andrack "The Zellertal and its loops".