Way stone of the Adolf-von-Nassau hiking trail with a view of the Donnersberg mountain

Jacob's pilgrimage

Jacob's pilgrimage

Logo of the Way of St. James Pilgrimage

The scallop shell shows the way: As a pilgrim of St. James or a simple hiker, it is worthwhile to be on the monastery route from Worms to Metz. Part of the 255 km long route leads through the municipality of Göllheim. You will get to know the Zellertal, the Göllheimer Hügelland and the surrounding area of the Donnersberg and walk undisturbed away from busy roads.

Numerous plaques along the pilgrimage route provide information about what the pilgrimage of St. James to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain, founded in the 7th century, was once like:

Cell: Pilgrimage

Harxheim: Penal pilgrimage

Bubenheim: Piety and wanderlust

Ottersheim: Preparations for the pilgrims' journey

Gundheimer Hof: On the wooden path - Orientation in a foreign land

Göllheim: The bare essentials in hand luggage - equipment for the road

Dreisen: Death travels with you - danger to life and limb

Münsterhof: Relics and pilgrimage signs - on a souvenir hunt across Europe

Standenbühl: The wolf in sheep's clothing - real Jacob's brothers and false shell brothers