Aerial view of Göllheim, the Donnersberg in the background

Noise action plan

Noise action plan

Noise action plan

Noise Action Plan Stage III of the Municipality of Göllheim
Announcement of entry into force

Based on the EU Environmental Noise Directive 2002/49/EC and its implementation in the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), municipalities are obliged to draw up a noise action plan. These serve to regulate noise problems and noise effects. The aim of these noise action plans should also be to protect quiet areas from an increase in noise. Noise action plans are to be reviewed in the event of significant developments, otherwise every five years, and revised if necessary.

The municipality of Göllheim has commissioned the noise consulting office GSB from St. Wendel. The affected road sections in the municipality of Göllheim, which have been considered in the noise mapping, are on the one hand the motorway A63 (approx. 4,230 m) and on the other hand a section of the federal road B47 (approx. 4,600 m).

Public participation is an essential part of noise action planning. For this reason, the public was given the opportunity to inform themselves about the noise situation and to actively participate in the preparation of the noise action plans.

The Association Municipal Council of the Association Municipality of Göllheim decided on the disclosure of the noise action plan in the present draft version as well as the participation of the authorities and public agencies on 03.12.2018.

The public display and the involvement of the sponsors took place from 20.12.2018 to 22.02.2019.

The citizens were informed about the possibility of participation in the official gazette and via the Internet. The draft of the noise action plan could be downloaded from the homepage of the municipality. A total of 11 comments were received from the public interest groups (including the road authorities). These do not contain any issues or suggestions relevant for consideration. Citizens of the municipality of Göllheim did not submit any comments.

The noise action plan was unanimously adopted by the municipal council on 15.04.2019. The public will be informed about the entry into force on 25.04.2019.


You can download the noise action plan here.