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The municipality of Göllheim stretches from the foot of the Donnersberg to the district border in the Zellertal and lies on the B 40 and B 47 as well as on the A 63 - Kaiserslautem - Mainz.

In addition to the targeted development of a modern infrastructure and the further strengthening of the attractiveness of the municipality, tradition, history and the historic buildings that characterize the area have been preserved. With its natural charm and specific soil and climatic conditions, the Zellertal offers a refuge for those seeking recreation. Excellent quality wines are harvested here, and viticulture in the Zellertal can look back on a long tradition: the oldest documentary evidence of viticulture in the Palatinate - the donation of a vineyard near Zell in 708 - leads to the Zellertal! The well-signposted Zellertalweg offers grandiose views of the land between the Donnersberg and the Rhine, as well as plentiful nature. The Zellertal has a clear structure due to the small river Pfrimm in the valley bottom and the vineyards in the eastern part of the valley. On the high trail, the views predominate. The Pfrimmweg runs mostly in the valley, along the Pfrimm. The Zellertal combines two wine-growing areas, both Palatinate and Rheinhessen wines are grown here. Hiking in the Zellertal - the insider tip, a successful mixture of nature, culture and pleasure!

In the extensive forests, especially near the recognized tourist communities of Göllheim and Dreisen, there are well-developed hiking areas. Historical traces can be followed on the Adolf-von-Nassau hiking trail. The Agenda-Weg Göllheim was established in 2000. Twelve stations lead through the village under different topics. The Jakobs-Pilgerweg (pilgrims' path) stretches over a length of 18 km through the municipality of Göllheim and is signposted from Zell to Standenbühl with the shell motif.

Digital & Tourism in the VG Göllheim 

In the middle of the old town center of Göllheim, the "Digital Office" of the municipality has been located since the beginning of 2022. This is a branch office of the VG, where everything revolves around the digital topics of the administration and tourism. Julia Maurer and Elena Keller will be welcoming you to the new office. Ms. Maurer has already been working as project coordinator for the area for 1 ½ years and has now been supported by Ms. Keller since this year. Together they are at your disposal for all questions concerning the network Digital Villages RLP, Göllheim Aktuell and the tourism sector of the VG. Ms. Maurer and Ms. Keller look forward to welcoming you to the "Digital Büro" (Hauptstraße 48) in Göllheim.

Mayor Antweiler together with Julia Maurer and Elena Keller

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Donnersberg Tourism Association e.V.

Information about the Donnersberg, events or accommodations can be found on the page of the Donnersberg-Touristik-Verband e.V.

Tourism concept

Here you can download the tourism concept of the municipality of Göllheim

44 times VG Göllheim

Travel guide with favorite places, hiking trails and many photos

Where can you find the Königswecken, where is the oldest village church in the Palatinate, where is the archway festival celebrated and where are the most beautiful views in the municipality of Göllheim? The new travel guide by Britta Lehna reveals all this.

More than 20 years ago, the association municipality had published a cultural-historical travel guide for the first time. Now a new book has been produced, which presents the association municipality up-to-date and in many facets. Not only the local communities are the subject, but also much that makes up the cultural life: from A like the Albisheimer Kulturwerkstatt to Z like Zellertaler Weinbau. QR codes and links lead to further information. For the new guide, citizens were asked to name their favorite places in the VG Göllheim with text and pictures. In this way, readers learn about very individual preferences that arouse curiosity. Christine Bernhard, for example, names the "Reilscher" in Harxheim, Andreas Burgey invites you to the fountain square in Weitersweiler, Doris Bugiel sits on her favorite bench at the Göllheimer Wingertsberg and lets her gaze wander over the landscape.

"44 times VG Göllheim" is an invitation to guests, new citizens and locals to discover the Verbandsgemeinde.