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Dear fellow citizens, dear customers,

Within the framework of local self-administration, the Göllheim association municipality is responsible for the water supply and wastewater disposal of all connected local municipalities.

In order to fulfil these duties, the Gölllheim Municipal Works were formed in 1978 as a municipal company with the waterworks and sewage works divisions.

The two operating branches will be managed in accordance with the provisions of the Eigenbetriebs- und Anstaltsverordnung (Own Operations and Establishment Ordinance) and the Operating Statutes of 11.12.2017.

Our responsibilities include:

  • to ensure the supply of drinking water, domestic water and water for public use within the territory of the municipality
  • Discharge and harmless disposal of wastewater and rainwater from the properties located in the area of the facility operator.
  • Collection, removal, treatment and recycling of sludge from approved small sewage treatment plants

If you have any questions or require information about water supply and wastewater disposal, please do not hesitate to contact our staff at any time.

Your plant manager,
Werner Radetz