Ottersheim adventure trail

Evolutionary path

Evolutionary path

Along the Ammelbach and the Wiesenbrunnenbach in Ottersheim leads a path about one kilometer long, along which 20 information boards are set up to inform about the nature and background of the development of life on our earth.

The evolutionary path represents all the major stages in the 4.1 billion year history of life. This includes the First Traces of Life, photosynthesis, the land walk of vertebrates, the time of the dinosaurs, the appearance of the human-like hominids up to modern man.

Here you can view and download the flyer:

Walk along the path of evolution

Dr. Karl-Heinz Büchner from the Rhine-Neckar regional group of the Giordano Bruno Foundation explains significant and well-documented developments and events during the walk along the Evolution Trail in Ottersheim. The nature trail presents these as stations in the 4100 million year history of life. From the first traces of life to the present day, it is 1000 m long.

Meeting point: 2:00 p.m., Ammelbachtal bridge in Ottersheim, parking is available directly in the main street or in the parking lot of the church (Hauptstraße 18). Duration approx. 2 hours.
Participation is free of charge.

Prior registration is required with Dr. Karl-Heinz Büchner by e-mail to


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