Viewpoint and donkey hike

Viewpoint and donkey hikes

A great enrichment for Göllheim and for the entire district. Mr. Straube and his family live on the Esper resettler farm between Göllheim and Biedesheim and have created something really great.

The Straube family is passionate about preserving rare chicken breeds. The endangered chickens are allowed to enjoy their lives in a meadow behind the house. But not only chickens have a home here, a "donkey gang" also enjoys life here. The "donkey gang" around Emil the donkey includes a total of 7 donkeys. Some of them were taken over by the Straube family from unfit conditions.

Together with the "donkey gang", the Straube family's daughter offers guided donkey walks. This offers interested parties the opportunity to learn all about donkeys and discover that donkeys are not just stubborn, but highly intelligent animals.

Mr. Straube's latest project is a viewing point behind the house on the field path. With self-made benches, this place invites you to pause and rest. On the field path between Göllheim and Biedesheim, Mr. Straube has created a place that invites people to come together, exchange ideas and find peace and quiet. In addition to the beautiful view with a direct view of the Donnersberg, an earth refrigerator offers chilled drinks for refreshment. For a donation, hikers can pick up chilled drinks here and take a longer break.

Another innovative project is the herb mountain. In keeping with the motto "give and take", visitors can cut fresh herbs for their food after the walk. Everyone is also invited to plant their own herbs and thus contribute to diversity. It will be exciting to see how many different herbs will grow here over time.

Anyone interested in a donkey hike, whether young or old, family or single, is welcome to contact the Straube family directly on 06351 - 122338.