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Citizen's Office

Citizen's Office

Citizen's Office

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Driver's License Applications:

The Donnersbergkreis district administration in
Kirchheimbolanden is responsible for issuing driving licenses and other permits.

However, the receipt of the applications as well as the delivery of the issued driver's licenses is also possible at the
Verbandsgemeindeverwaltung Göllheim, Bürgerbüro.

The processing fee for forwarding driver's license applications is €6.00.

Only applications with complete documents will be accepted.
The personal appearance of the applicant and presentation of a valid identification document is mandatory.

Information about the necessary documents and costs can be obtained from the driver's license office of the district administration
Donnersbergkreis at 06352/710-0 or at www.donnersberg.de.

Please make inquiries via buergerbuero@vg-goellheim.de

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