Agenda path Göllheim

Agenda Way

The Agenda Way Göllheim

Think globally - act locally

In Göllheim, you can walk the Agenda Trail.
In 1992, at the conference in Rio de Janeiro, more than 170 countries adopted Agenda 21, a program for sustainable development in the 21st century. The Agenda aims to preserve and develop not only the needs of today, but also the opportunities of future generations. Since then, many local Agenda projects have been developed on the topics of future viability and sustainability, which, in dialogue with citizens, local organizations and the business community, can help to preserve the natural foundations of life, enable economic well-being and ensure social justice.

In order to bring the idea of Agenda 21 to the public, the mayor of the village at that time, Hans Appel, and his local council initiated the Agenda-Weg Göllheim project in 2000, which was then conceived by students of the Wilhelm-Erb-Gymnasium in Winnweiler. In front of the town hall a main board informs about the Agenda-Weg and its stations in the village, which are distributed from the quarry over the Königsgraben to the center of the village.