Welcome to Zellertal



Local mayor: Sonja, Stoll-Merkel


Harxheim: Sonja Stoll-Merkel
Niefernheim: Kristof Puder
Zell: Georg Schwedhelm

Coat of arms of the municipality Zellertal

The wine-growing community of Zellertal, consisting of the three districts of Harxheim, Niefernheim and Zell, is located in the Zellertal valley of the same name between Worms and the Donnersberg. With a population of around 1200, Zellertal is the most important wine-growing village in the Göllheim municipality, along with Einselthum. In the district of Zellertal wine is grown on 100 ha. As the northwestern tip of the Palatinate wine-growing region, Zellertal is also known as the icing on the cake of the German Wine Route. The most famous vineyard is the Zeller Schwarzer Herrgott.

The village has a good social infrastructure with doctors, daycare centers, an elementary school, gymnasium, sports field, tennis courts, children's playgrounds, restaurants and stores for everyday needs. The wide range of activities offered by our clubs and societies strengthen the creative coexistence in the village community.

You can access the website of the municipality of Zellertal via the following link: www.gemeinde-zellertal.de