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Hardness level

Hardness level

Water hardness is a measure of the content of dissolved naturally occurring calcium and magnesium compounds in water.

The higher the content, the harder the water. The hardness of the water plays a significant role when washing laundry. The softer the water, the less water softener (or detergent) is needed in laundry care.

According to the Law on the Environmental Compatibility of Detergents and Cleaning Agents (WRMG), the detergent industry is obliged to issue graduated dosage recommendations for the different water hardness ranges for detergents and cleaning agents containing phosphates and to print these clearly on the packaging.
We therefore recommend that you adhere to these dosage recommendations; this will reduce the burden on the environment and also save you money.

The new hardness ranges are defined as follows:
Hardness level
Calcium carbonate per litre:
less than 1,5 millimolesless than 8,4 °dH
1.5 to 2.5 millimoles
8.4 to 14 °dH
more than 2,5 millimoles
more than 14 °dH

According to § 14 TrinkwG and § 8 Waschmittelgesetz (German Detergent Act), the drinking water from the mains network of our Göllheim municipal utility corresponds to the hardness range medium to hard.


Via the drinking water information system of the Ministry of Environment, Energy, Food and Forestry RLP you can find a detailed analysis of the drinking water for your residence / address.

There you will also find precise information on the water hardness for your place of residence / address. Click here for the country's drinking water information system.

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