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Network Digital Villages RLP

Network Digital Villages RLP

About the network

The Digital Villages Network RLP is a project of the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of the Interior and Sports. The goal of the network is to pass on the knowledge and experience of the three model communities of the Digital Villages project - Eisenberg and Göllheim as well as Betzdorf-Gebhardshain - to interested municipalities in Rhineland-Palatinate and to support them in their digital projects. In recent years, the three communities have already been and continue to be the point of contact in the municipal family when it comes to digitalization issues. In order to maintain this valuable transfer function and develop it further under a common umbrella, the Digital Villages Network RLP was founded. This provides a platform for interested association and local communities to learn from each other and establish an exchange of knowledge and experience.

The network lives from participation

Together with small and medium-sized municipalities in predominantly rural areas in Rhineland-Palatinate, we would like to exchange our experiences within the network and jointly find ideas and solutions in the municipal family on how to use digitization in a wide variety of areas. Within the framework of regular events as video conferences and - if possible - as face-to-face events, we would like to invite you to actively participate in the discussions and working meetings.Our guidelines:

  • All together: The network thrives on participation and the benefits come when everyone participates.
  • Living Communal Family: Exchange positive and negative experiences and make them available to others, share knowledge and information, provide contacts, tools and solutions.
  • Be open: create spaces for experimentation in everyday administration, embrace new methods, establish a culture of error in administrations.
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