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European and
municipal elections 2024

Election worker

Volunteering for a day: election assistants

Elections are held regularly in the municipality of Göllheim: Federal elections, European elections, state elections, local elections and mayoral elections. Votes such as referendums may also be held.

There are already volunteers who thankfully carry out this honorary office for one day at each election. However, not everyone wants to be appointed for every election or they do not have time on individual election dates. It is therefore important that others make themselves available.

No special prior knowledge is required. We offer training courses for election officers, secretaries and their respective deputies in the weeks leading up to election day. The training documents are also available online in good time before the election date. On election day, the staff of the electoral office are available for the election committees.

What do the election committees do? (election assistants)

  • Check off votes in the electoral roll
  • Issue ballot papers
  • Check and approve ballot letters if necessary
  • Supervise voting booths and ballot boxes to ensure the secret ballot and observe the insertion of ballot papers
  • Protect the voting process from interference and influence
  • Allow absentee ballots
  • Counting the ballot papers from 6 pm

Work in the constituencies begins with a joint meeting at 7.30 am. This is where the morning and afternoon shifts are divided up, as all electoral boards are made up of so many people that they can work in two shifts.

In pure postal ballot boards, work does not begin until 3 pm. This is only the case for some types of elections.

From 6 p.m., everyone counts the ballot papers together. The work of the election committee ends when the results have been reported and the election documents have been packed and handed over.

As far as possible, care is taken to ensure that experienced election assistants are on hand to help people who are being deployed for the first time. As a rule, you will be deployed near your home, but you can also be deployed in another district if you wish.

You will receive a refreshment allowance of €25 for your efforts.

How can I become a member of an election committee?

As election committees are appointed from among the eligible voters, you must be eligible to vote in the respective election.

Please call us on 06351 - 490914, send an e-mail to or simply fill in the following online form. You can enter an e-mail address and / or telephone number (preferably mobile) so that we can reach you more quickly and easily.

The appointment of election committees begins approximately three to four months before an election. The last appointments are made until shortly before election day.

If you are deployed by us, you will receive a personal letter containing all the necessary information, including your place of deployment, once you have registered.

Of course, we are also happy to answer any questions you may have.

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